I remember referring to a certain doctor with major skills in a rare specialty as the cowboy who came out of the night to save me some years ago. That’s cowboy in a most affectionate way – it was my way of complimenting him. It’s a favorable term to me and if someone called me a cowboy, I would probably take it as a compliment.

So when I read this and saw the term link cowboy and indulged my inner narcissist a bit, I told myself, “If anyone’s a link cowboy, I am.” I wondered if Kicks might indeed be referring to me. Naw, that’s ridiculous Joe – get over yourself! “Silly,” I thought, pushing my ego and its dumb thoughts to the back of my mind.

Of course, I had still been thinking those silly thoughts for almost a month when I came across this and this (yet another cool video by Kicks) and my ego lit up like a lavalamp. Though the message in the entertaining video was ambiguous, here I was saying “Damn! He is talking about me.” My inner narcissist won and I was doomed to responding in some way (though I knew better).

I did respond and learned I was totally wrong about what he was saying and who he was talking about. I’d been here before. I’m human.

The truth is I love this guy’s attitude. He teaches us/me things in a most peculiar way.