my morning web adventure in search of a description

I’m a sucker for online generators. Early this morning, I decided to explore one I recently bumped into:

Forskningsrådet - Generator

There’s no help or other site information, so I just started playing around with its controls to create graphics - had a lot of fun tinkering with shapes and color on a gridded background. Bingo! Gotta share it.

As usual, I wanted to know more about this newly-found toy and checked the source for a description but found none.

I was hoping the site’s title might shed some light. Forskningsrådet is the Norwegian name for The Research Council of Norway.

That didn’t satisfy my curiousity so I decided to see what I could find out about “dubins,” which appears in the site’s url. I learned about Dubins path, having to do with mathematicians’ quests to find the shortest optimal path for wheeled robots to keep moving forward. Whoa!

I found a few other related links in the process:

Lester Dubins (1920-2010)
Shortest Path for the Dubins Car
Dubins: Generate paths for a Dubins car of arbitrary turning radius

Color me distracted and curious (the way I like it). Enjoy!

recently noticed 04-11-24

‘dedicated to all things self-hosted’

Self-Hosted Applications and Alternatives (FAQ)

Aside from the directory, the site also features a blog, podcast, surveys, and newsletter.

‘free online graph paper’

Simple Asymmetric Graph Paper PDF Generator

Note: Promotional vehicle.

𝕞𝕚𝕩𝕖𝕕 𝕓𝕒𝕘 𝟘𝟜-𝟘𝟜-𝟚𝟜

‘strives to be the largest human-edited directory’

I’m tickled to see this one is back online. I removed it from the dailywebthing archives last week due to a 503 (Service Unavailable) error that persisted for several days. The successor of the Open Directory Project (which later became DMOZ) is still here - whoopee!

Curlie - The Collector of URLs

Update 04/03/24: Appears to be down again - 504 Gateway Time-out - watching...
Update 04/04/24: Still down.
Update 04/11/24: Down again - patiently hoping they fix it.

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