Notice how fast the page loaded? I’ve migrated the hub from Wordpress to Jekyll - static pages with a bit of javascript and no database - it’s a lean machine.

our url has changed

Redirects are in place for all content and the site’s feed for the time being but you may want to update your bookmarks for future use. When the domain expires next year sometime, the redirects will no longer function. Here’s the new info:

If you’re currently subscribed to the rss or json feeds, they will also redirect to the new atom feed for the time being.

change to the search form

The new search form searches only by post title. It’s more limited but I opted for simplicity and low overhead for the transition. I’m hoping this limitation does not inconvenience you.


I’ve implemented webmentions in this new version of the hub and hopefully, that functionality is set to go. I’ll be watching for issues and will address them should the need arise.

other changes

Comments have changed. For now, you need a GitHub account to login to the comment feature. However, if you’re not set up to send webmentions and don’t have a GitHub account, a contact form is also available.

If you like viewing content from multiple webthings at one time, you might want to check out the aggregator.

As the new site gets underway, I’ll be continuing to troubleshoot and optimize. I hope you enjoy the new version of the i.webthings hub.