Update 02/07/19: Revisions below reflect changes made due to recently received feedback.

I’ve pretty much finished the first stage of upgrading the five sites which I consider part of the i.webthings family. These are the most active and regularly updated sites among those I’ve built.

The project involved migrating the sites from an outdated ‘legacy’ version of moveabletype to WordPress, which allowed for easier addition of indieweb functionality and a different design approach, which I rather enjoy.

sites in the family

(updated 03/01/22 and 05/21/23)

As noted above, the first three sites in the list are associated with @iwebthings while the last two are associated with @joejenett. If I’ve done things right, all posts from these five sites will cross-post automatically to their respective twitter accounts, and should receive webmentions from the twitter platform as well starting tomorrow. Occasionally, posts from these sites may be cross-posted to twitter.

Though I said I’ve completed this stage, I have to admit I’ll still be watching and fixing things that may go awry. For now, let’s see how it goes. I hope you enjoy these new ways of following and interacting with the i.webthings family. The future is certainly now.

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