Last month when I wrote about we.Link, my tongue-in-cheek approach though fun for me failed miserably in telling you anything about the project. So please allow me another shot.

You may have noticed a new version of the we.Link widget is back on the sidebar. It now uses lightweight javascript, based on onionring.js - thanks joey + mord!

here’s the deal

Right now, I’m testing we.Link using only some of my own sites, 4 including this site (the ‘hub’). It would be boring to leave it at that. My little linkring widget over there already provides the same functionality with it’s ‘random’ link. At the moment, the only difference between the two widgets, besides navigation choices, is that we.Link is limited to directory-like sites. And that’s the point.

Clicking on ‘we.Link’ sends you to a random member site (other than the one you’re on). It’s a compact, minimal, and easy-to-add widget.

If you have a directory, blogroll or some other linking site, I might want to invite you to join my little network. I know of several readers with sites I’d love to include. If you have a directory-like site and you’re willing to add a few lines of code to your site, please let me know.