Hello friends. I’m taking a breather at the moment from my ongoing mission to purge link rot from the dailywebthing archives (which currently contains over 9000 links). There’s a type of link rot that’s not so easy to detect, even with good link-checking software, namely ‘monetized domain parking.’ In order to get rid of that type of junk, it’s necessary to manually review all redirects. I hope to expand on this in a more detailed post soon, but in the meantime, to stay on point, let’s turn to the benefits…

I’ve been rediscovering some amazing sites linked to in the past but this morning’s rediscovery got my attention, literally forcing me to take this break and share the site with you. What’s not to like about Cat Bounce! As I’m writing this, the kitties are still bouncing on my screen.

The bonus is that since I first linked to the site in 2014, the author used the site to help their favorite cat rescue surpass its fundraising goals.

Damn, I love this job!