Back in late 2021, I wrote about the need to simplify. Since then, I’ve made a number of changes ’round here and retiring the dailywebthing linkport and daily pointers represents the final phase of what I like to call the simplification project.

But why? I didn’t want to rename it ‘the almostdailywebthing’ and to be frank, I’m getting a little too old to keep up with the ‘daily’ part of its name. Its original mission was to be a daily-updated place for link lovers, fulfilled for over 22 years.

Being a link lover myself, I don’t plan on going anywhere. If you’re disappointed the dailywebthing is no more, I hope you’ll let me try to make it up to you on a regular, though not daily basis. For now, here’s a few recent finds:

Thanks for visiting.

(updated 04/14/23)