I’ll have to shamelessly borrow a song title from one of my favorite artists to make a point here.

Since I created the dailywebthing archives almost a year ago (sounds better than ‘since I did away with the dailywebthing and dwt-pointers’), it’s become my pride and joy (along with the hub, of course).

In my opinion, the dailywebthing archives is an organized, easy-to-use directory to resources, ideas, and personal websites personally curated over a period of more than 23 years (currently about 8600 active links).

Of course, that all means little unless the site is somewhat free of bad links (which, to me, would include links to sites with annoying ‘features’ or a significant amount of commercial content, and espedially those pesky monetized redirects by domain parkers).

Perfection is impossible when it comes to managing links. I can safely say the archives are at least 98% free of bad links. The reality is that 0.5-1.5% of its current links may go bad over the next 30 days (an intelligent guess based on my records - revised 04/06/24).

Fortunately, I love doing what I do and if any of it is useful or enjoyable to you (even if in a small way), I’m happy and feel I’ve met my mission.

Thanks for reading this.