Today’s linkylove.inspired is the first in a new series of posts intended to not only share more newly discovered links with you but to maybe help clarify why I urge you to explore the off-the-beaten-path, personal side of the web. By describing the process of producing this post and how I benefited personally in the process, I’m hoping to help you better understand what I’m up to here. Before I continue, I have something to ask of you.

If you’re the person who inspired my use of the term linkylove to refer to what I used to call daily pointers, please stand up and let me who you are (I’ve been unable to locate the discussion where the term was used). I’d like to thank you personally! With that said, here we go.

I set out early this morning to find out who Felix, a guy who recently started following me on the Fediverse, is. His name was familiar to me and before long, it dawned on me that I had linked to his site in the past because something he said inspired me. In addition to that, it helped me understand myself a bit more at the time. Call me silly, but I find it exciting to discover things like that, which leads to the main point of this post: When I share a link, I’m hoping to provide a starting point for you, dear reader, to spend a few minutes exploring and in turn discovering a new interesting person or idea, or perhaps, just a diversion or a little fun. Being able to share something with such power is exciting to me.

Nuff said. My original link to Felix a few years back served this morning as my starting point to discovering his project, Bric-a-brac - from the cutting room floor, a remarkable personal wiki based on TiddlyWiki full of interesting ideas and miscellany and even some ‘bad poetry.’ In his own words, ‘very personal.’ In my opinion, a hidden gem. And his cool little wiki led me to discovering several other interesting people, Bouncepaw and Robbie Antenesse (the guy behind Feather Wiki ‘a lightweight quine for simple wikis’).

I used far too many words to make a point here. I know that. But I had a lot of fun doing it and if I did anything right, you’re off to discovering some other mind-stimulating things waiting for you off the beaten path. Thanks for reading!