default prompt
modified prompt

I recently found and shared something that seemed kinda magical to me. It’s helped me directly with something I’ve been working on, so I just gotta share it with you here:

Palette — “a vibrant AI colorizer app. Think instagram filters, but more intelligent.”

I recently added a scan of an old photo of me taken somewhere around 1970 to the image gallery at bulltown.2022. It was a poorly taken photo with a reddish tinge to everything but I added it anyway. It fit the spirit I’m trying to recapture with bulltown so I let it rip. Since then, I thought it would be nice to improve the photo but nothing materialized.

Before I shared Palette at the linkport, I used that old photo to play with the app and what it generated by default looked considerably better than the original - I replaced the image at bulltown. That’s the one captioned ‘default prompt’ over there on the right.

This morning, I decided to further explore Palette using that same old photo - only this time, I modified the prompt generated by the app in the hope that I could improve the color of the sky and it worked well except the sand on the beach lost some of it’s color. Modifying the prompt a second time fixed that too - this is one smart generator, thank you very much. The 3rd photo on the right links to the larger version, now at bulltown. Yep - it’s magical!

Update: Wrote about this at bulltown too.