Colorspeak was created back in 1999 and is surely in need of a redesign. I’m regularly inspired by its unique content, all created by the site’s visitors – a random sampling:

“exposure” by Rikatrix

this is the color that tells all of my secrets, exposes my insecurities, and demands my need for attention.

“fitting in” by vanessa marie

this is the color of darkness, but when i wear it, i still feel bright and go lucky as usual. however, when i wear this color, i feel like i’m partaking along with the crowd. and that is surely not me. i’m not a crowd pleaser, i am a me pleaser. but thats ok – im still going to wear this color with pride, even if it means slightly fitting in.

“Earth Song” by Kathleen

Feel my hand slithering through the wet earth. Cool yet warmed by the new spring. To plant a seed so it will push up to the summer sky.

submitted anonymously

“Blues is easy to play, but hard to feel.”

Jimi Hendrix