I could have called this the good, the bad, and the ugly but since that’s a little cliché and already taken, I’ll stick with adventures. I do this thing daily and every session brings both joy and annoyance and in between those two extremes are things that simply provoke thought and wonder. So here we go with a few things encountered just this morning…

good: obscure little gem

A blog with a single post from 2013 features a delightful music video from 2010 and though many of the links on the page are broken, I’d be a fool not to share it somewhere so enjoy!

bad: what were they thinking

There’s something I encounter now and then that’s more comical than it is annoying and I can’t help but question what the site designer was thinking when they decided to put all the important links in the footer. While that, in itself, is not really a problem, the site in question also keeps adding content at the bottom as you scroll down.It does so over and over again leaving you to wonder just how long you’re going to have to keep scrolling before you finally have a chance to click on that Privacy link you keep seeing for a tenth of a second in the footer. It’s a usability nightmare, thank you very much and as funny as it is, I just don’t wanna play no more.

ugly: you won’t slap me again

You’ve seen it and it’s a most disturbing trend. You land on a site’s homepage for the first time and a big box is overlaid on the page. They want you to sign up for their oh-so-important newsletter and decided that getting your attention is so critical that they’ll make you have to take some action (sign up or close the overlay) to get to the content. To me, that’s a fucking slap in the face and I am so gone!

Toot toot.

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