When I find a time saver or tool that improves my workflow, I like sharing it. Much of what I know comes from others’ generous sharing of ideas and solutions. It’s kinda like paying it forward - feels right.

Okay, so sometimes such sharing can backfire on you (or should I say me) like the recent Firefox extension I enthusiastically shared that ended up causing a big problem - disappearing recent browsing history (a key tool in my workflow). It turned my recommend to do not recommend just like that. But I digress.

I use Obsidian for creating and editing posts here and at simply. and recently bumped into a plugin to “automatically fetch the titles of pasted links” (via oldtowneast). It‘s called Auto Link Title and you can find it Settings > Community plugins in the Obsidian app. You’ll encounter a message about disabling ‘Safe Mode’ in order to use community plugins. Please note the warning message, thank you.

Anyway, I like the way it works - it simplified writing this post a bit.


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nathanmp commented on Feb 8, 2022

I'm curious - what extension were you referring to? Just wondering, as the history metadata table in my profile somehow removed all entries, and now that you mentioned it I'm wondering if an extension messed that up.

joejenett commented on Feb 8, 2022

It's called Tab Stash - Firefox has been running normally since I removed it and it's easy (actually easier) to manually do what the extension did anyway.

nathanmp commented on Feb 11, 2022

Thanks Joe! That could be the problem, since I am using that and Firefox has been slow for me too. Gonna see if that helps. I appreciate the answer!

joejenett commented on Feb 11, 2022

Cool. The biggest problem for me was that recent history and bookmarks were disappearing - killing my workflow (when I'm in curation mode). When you mentioned your problem, I had a feeling that you must have been using the extension too. Hopefully, your issue is resolved. Take care.

Scoot Ray commented on Apr 12, 2022

Ooooh, thanks for uncovering the Auto-Link plugin for Obsidian. Very useful! I use Obsidian as my idea/thoughtbook but still isolate "serious" writing to Ulysses because I'm less likely to drift around in it and forget to write ; )

I do very much appreciate O's crossplatformabilty (is that a word?) because I use an Android e-ink tablet in addition to Mac/iOS things.