Learned a bit about ActivityPub and Bridgy Fed from Chris Aldrich’s response to Kicks’ link with comments to my last post. After having completed some testing over the last few days, I’m pleased to say it looks like I would be able to give visitors of the dailywebthing linkport and dwt daily pointers an easy way to follow those sites from Mastodon, etc. if I ultimately decide to add it as a permanent feature.

The key is being able to make my sites “act as stand-alone members of the Fediverse” instead of having to use a public Mastodon instance for posting (or cross-posting). My linkblogs use a different theme than my personal blogs and required using Bridgy Fed (the personal blogs work using ActivityPub only).

I do tend to agree with Kicks’ comments as to how some public instances may have “a somewhat narrow view of what’s ‘relevant.’ In my case, that seemed to be a factor.

Thanks Kicks for your comments and Chris for your helpful response.