I truly appreciate the many sources which make it possible for me to continually do what I enjoy doing the most - sharing links, providing a means to explore and discover what’s out there on the independent web. To all the Pinboard users, directories, blogrolls (link lists), and webrings that have been so helpful to me - thank you!

To my readers and fellow explorers, let me share some of these great exploration points I use to find links for the dailywebthing linkport and the daily pointers - hopefully, you’ll enjoy them too.

Plese note the lists are expandable and collapsible.

Top 4 most used sources from Pinboard for the dailywebthing linkport
Top 4 most used sources from Pinboard for the daily pointers
Other notable Pinboard users following the top 4 (combined)

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Directories, search engines, and blogrolls (link lists)

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a note about webrings

(updated 04/05/22)

I recently joined several more rings at simply. It’s amazing how much I can discover via webrings. Though I’ve been considering opening the i.w linkring to include other link directories, I’ve decided against doing that for now.

Feedback is always welcome.

Kudos to onionring for the clean, low-overhead script they’ve made available to the community.

Have fun out there!

Update 10/09/22: The i.w linkring project has been discontinued for now.

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Scoot Ray commented on Apr 12, 2022

As always, thanks for plugging Blogroll.org! Love what you do, Joe.


joejenett commented on Apr 12, 2022

Thanks Ray! Color me blushing...