The i.webthings directory, just launched this month, is an extension of the work done over the years at the dailywebthing linkport and the dailywebthing daily pointers. My mission has always been to provide web surfers with ways to explore the independent and noncommercial web.

It’s not complicated. I enjoy helping others discover new, interesting, and sometimes useful things on the web, free of commercialism and annoyance and understand only a small subset of web surfers share my tastes and sensitivities. It’s subjective but if just one other person out there finds one of my discovery vehicles to be enjoyable or useful, I’m a happy camper.

As far as the directory goes, I’m only including blogs and websites which are noncommercial and free of ads, commerce, and annoyances. In my mind, commerce-free blogs or sites do not offer goods for sale or services for hire, nor do they use monetized links (i.e., affiliate links) in their content. My idea of annoyance is simple too. If a site uses promotional overlays, slide-ins, popups, or ads, I won’t link to it.

That’s not to say there’s anything wrong with blogs or sites which don’t meet the criteria I use. I respect everyone’s right to do their thing their way, which is exactly what I’m trying to do here.

joe jenett

4 thoughts on “about the i.webthings directory

  1. Joe,

    I finally took the time to poke around and I think this is really great. Nice clean look and feel and a very selective index. Also being the most “directory like” of your link finding creations.

    Anyway, I just thought you should get some praise!

  2. I’ve been doing a little more exploring and I love this project. I have been trying to build up a collection of links and RSS feeds to smaller websites that are more in the vein of the early web. I have already found some great content through here. The random explorer is awesome. Thank you also for including my site. It’s an honor to featured!

    • My pleasure Poorchop – thanks for reminding me why I do this thing (and for including me in your collection of links). So glad we crossed paths!